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Dublin Port

Diving Bell Museum

The restoration of the Diving Bell is the first project in Dublin Port’s plan to create a ‘distributed museum’ of attractions across the Dublin docklands and into Dublin Port to preserve the port’s industrial heritage and history.The Diving Bell Museum on Sir Rogersons Quay opened in 2015.

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

EPIC online workshops for educational groups

Each month we offer a range of workshops for different age-groups.

Dublin Port

Port Perspectives

The Port Perspectives programme aims to create links between Dublin Port and the city by connecting the evolving artistic heritage of the port with the wider heritage of Dublin city. The programmes allow local communities and stakeholders to express their perspective on the port through the artistic mediums of music, visual and performing arts.


Ancestry local history tours during Heritage Week

During Heritage Week, Ancestry offers the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of today’s ‘Silicone Docks’ through a walking tour of the area inspired by historical documents, newspapers, and maps. www.heritageweek.ie

Waterways Ireland

Bio-diversity and Ecosystem of Canals

Workshops and activities advising the public about bio-diversity and ecosystem of canals, promotion of activities on canals.


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