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Primary students

St Andrew's Resource Centre

Child and Adult Counselling

Therapeutic interventions are available in St Andrews Resource Centre. This included Adult Psychotherapy, CBT and Holistic therapies. Art Psychotherapy for Childre and Play Therapy.

Sea Scouts, Ringsend

Ringsend Sea Scouts

Volunteer-led fun, friendship and challenge afloat for young people aged 6-18 in the Docklands area. It is volunteer-led and we have opportunities for adults to give back to the community through facilitating youth activities. We also offer camping, hiking and other outdoor adventures, with the objective of building resilience and offering offering opportunities for structured personal development

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

EPIC online workshops for educational groups

Each month we offer a range of workshops for different age-groups.


Event and exhibition space

Creative classes and workshops, as well as exhibition space linking in with annual festivals e.g. Science Week, Chinese New Year, Pride, Halloween etc.

National College of Ireland

Brighter Futures Restorative Practice Programme

The North East Inner City Brighter Futures Restorative Practice Programme supports young people to develop their emotional literacy; improve their communication skills; and build mutually respectful relationships with young and old alike. 

St Andrew's Resource Centre

The Elite

The Elite develop projects in the community thus providing a social, recreational and educational outlet aimed at meeting the needs of 10-12 year olds.

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

Tiny Tots Creative Workshops

Tiny Tots is a creative workshop designed for parents and children from 15 months to first class. Activities range from painting to story-telling.

St Andrew's Resource Centre

Youth 21

This group is for young people aged 10 – 12 years. The aim of the group is to encourage young people to work collectively on various topics through fun and challenging activities.  The main focus of the group is personal and social development while building on active citizenship and confidence as well as the character building of its members.


Voluntary Tuition Programme

The Voluntary Tuition Programme (‘The Homework Club’) is run by St Andrew’s Resource Centre and Trinity students, with students providing one-to-one support for local pupils from fourth class in primary school to Leaving Certificate level.


Trinity Access 21

A range of programmes for students, teachers and schools to widen participation at third-level of under-represented groups. The student programmes engage students to develop the knowledge, networks and skills needed to make informed decisions about future education. The schools programmes helps to supports teachers to engage in continuous professional development, research and events.

St Andrew's Resource Centre


This is a club for 8 – 10 year olds, who are supported by junior leaders. The young people engage in a variety of activities from casual nights, games, creative work, computers and weekend residential trips.

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

EPIC primary and secondary school tours

School tours of the EPIC museum range from digital coding classes to historical detective workshops

National College of Ireland

Zoom Ahead with Books

The Zoom Ahead with Books project is designed to encourage parental involvement and promote children's enjoyment and motivation to read for pleasure.


Literacy & Numeracy programmes

A range of programmes by the NCI’s Early Learning Initiative for children aged 0-9 years to support literacy, numeracy, general knowledge and social skills. Supported by local companies including Dublin Port, Facebook and McCann FitzGerald.

St Andrew's Resource Centre

YOLO (You Only Live Once Health Promotion)

These programmes are run with specific age groups (12-18 years) to help them become more confident about themselves, their bodies and their life choices. The young people are also encouraged to make informed choices about their own health. Personal development will be a key component and will endeavour to build up their self-confidence and self-esteem.


This is a living resource and we are missing valuable providers and programmes in the area. Tell us what you are doing in the community and we will include you. Or just tell us what you think about this website, is it useful, how can we improve it?