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Small businesses

Dogpatch Labs (CHQ)

First Fridays for Start-ups

Powered by Google for Start-ups – this is a platform for the tech startup ecosystem to come together on a regular basis, enabling them to learn, connect and grow. Providing the inside track on who’s who and what’s happening across Ireland’s startup ecosystem. Perfect if you’re new to the ecosystem or just trying to meet new people.


Grow with Google (Digital Garage)

Digital skills classes for SMEs, moved from in-person to virtual.


Boost with Facebook

A series of trainings to help small businesses digitise and grow their businesses using Facebook family of apps free or paid-for tools. We will run a series of Boost virtual events in partnership with Enterprise Nations and LEOs throughout 2021. We will also run separate trainings for businesses focused on exporting and those in arts and tourism.


This is a living resource and we are missing valuable providers and programmes in the area. Tell us what you are doing in the community and we will include you. Or just tell us what you think about this website, is it useful, how can we improve it?