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Dublin Data Science Festival

Ancestry regularly participates in Dublin’s Data Science Festival, hosting events and delivering insightful talks on the use of data science and analytics in family history.


Computer science skills

Partnership with Camara Ireland to roll out CS Skills across schools in Ireland; also supporting youth clubs with informal education via Tech Stops to teach digitial skills.


Junior Achievement Ireland

Junior Achievement Ireland (JAI) helps prepare young people for their futures by delivering hands-on, experiential learning in entrepreneurship, employability, financial literacy and the value of STEM. Matheson contributes to mentoring students for the programme.

Trinity College Dublin


The Transition Year programme “Exploring Materials” links school students with AMBER researchers in Trinity and in the Tissue Engineering Research Group at the Royal College of Surgeons and Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, as well as with industry.

Trinity College Dublin

Academy of the Near Future

Academy of the Near Future is a CONNECT/ Smart City Programme for Transition Year students and upskillers. Through a combination of interactive workshops and online learning, it provides participants with a hands-on opportunity to experiment with Internet of Things (IoT) technology and understand how it can be used to address city challenges such as air pollution, waste management and flooding.

Trinity College Dublin

ADAPT’s Citizens’ Think-Ins on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The ADAPT research centre invites you to learn about artificial intelligence and to have a voice on this vital area of research. Share your views on AI in our lives and participate in ADAPT's ground-breaking research in fascinating areas such as AI and ethics, AI and privacy, fake news, and virtual agents. No previous knowledge of AI is required; ADAPT will teach you all you need to know.


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