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What will take place there?

The three key strands of Trinity’s programme at Unit18 are Employment, Education and Skills, Arts and Culture and Civic and Community. We have some ideas about programmes, but these will depend on interest and demand from residents. We are open to new ideas and we are happy to host existing community groups for their own activities. Our artists-in-residence for 2021 are Broken Talkers, a 2-person theatre group, who will work with local residents in developing a Climate Change project in the coming months.

How will it work?

We will aim to schedule the space in a fair way, ensuring Unit18 is open to a range of ages and groups in the surrounding area. It will be a neutral space, welcoming people from diverse communities. In the early stages, we will take bookings on demand. As we develop a more regular calendar, we will refine the booking system to ensure the space caters for a diversity of ages and groups.

Get in touch

To enquire about upcoming programmes at Unit18, or using the space, contact Mary Colclough, Community and Enterprise Engagement Manager at [email protected]

Browse the calendar

You can see from the calendar what days and times Unit18 is booked and what events are open to the public. These open events are mainly organised by Trinity College and you can find out more about these by emailing [email protected]. Feel free to book or enquire about making a booking using the booking form.

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Booking times at Unit 18 are flexible. However we would ask that you check the Unit 18 booking calendar above before making your booking. Provide your contact details and select your intended booking time and member of staff will be in touch to organise your event.

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    ?Before making your booking we ask that you check the Unit 18 booking calendar. A member of staff will be in touch to finalise your booking.